Since 1994, A-Pro has been helping its clients make smarter, better and more informed decisions as they buy or sell a home. As one of the leading Home Inspection Springfield MO service companies, A-Pro not only offers you the best possible home inspection, service, and value, but also provides you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected through our iron-clad 120-day assurance guarantee.


Get a Springfield home inspection before Selling a Home

A Pre-Listing Springfield Home Inspection Adds Value, but a Certified Pre-Owned® Springfield home inspection is a Major Selling Point!



And Has Been Proven to Sell Homes Faster and For More Money….


…home sellers are turning to new strategies to sell quickly and at the right price… hiring inspectors before they put their homes on the market.


So, Why are more sellers hiring A-Pro Springfield Home Inspection before they have a buyer?


Because they understand that a Pre-listing A-Pro Springfield home inspection can lead to more buyers, and quicker sales.


“Liz Moore, a broker in Newport News, Va., says her firm pays for a pre-listing inspection for all her sellers.’It’s fair to say that is the reason our listings sell 30% faster than the market average,’ she says. And early anecdotal evidence suggests that inspected houses ‘consistently sell for a few thousand dollars more.’  USA Today”




Conducting an A-Pro Springfield home inspection before the house is listed for sale benefits sellers in a number of ways:


  • First, what is a Certified Pre-Owned Home? A Certified Pre-Owned home is a trademarked concept provided by A-Pro since 1997.
  • The purpose of this proven program is to assure potential buyers that they will not need to undergo another home inspection after signing the purchase agreement.


Here’s how that works:


  • The seller hires A-Pro to perform a Pre-listing inspection.
  • A-Pro then certifies to the seller the inspection and guarantees the findings to the new buyer a Certified Pre-Owned home.
  • And, since competitive Springfield home inspection companies do NOT offer guarantees on their inspections, there is no need to hire them, since the home is now guaranteed for 120-days by A-Pro.


How’s that for piece of mind!


More benefits of a pre-listing “Certified Pre-Owned Home” provided by A-Pro Home Inspection Springfield:


A-Pro checkHelps you accurately price the home, which reduces time on market

A-Pro checkPre-Listings inspections is a proven concept to sell homes faster and for more money

A-Pro checkPrevents unexpected issues from delaying or derailing a sale later on

A-Pro checkThe inspection is guaranteed to the new buyer

A-Pro checkGives you time to get reasonable priced contractors or make repairs yourself

A-Pro checkA-Pro inspections highlight positive aspects of a home for added selling points

A-Pro checkEncourages buyer to waive inspection contingency (our guarantee passes to a buyer)It may alert you of items of immediate concern (e.g. structural problem, etc).

A-Pro checkReduces liability by adding professional documentation to disclosure statement while passing liability to the insured inspector.

A-Pro checkProfessional reports help your home stand out among other properties

A-Pro checkA-Pro Certified Pre-Owned Home” status provides a strong and marketable selling point in your MLS listing.


  • Be Smart.

  • Be Protected.

Call now and have A-Pro Inspect it.

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